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Our day out

As it’s the school holidays here me and the family have decided to spend a couple of days in the local area and actually have family time which doesn’t consist of watching a film munching on takeout.

Because of this, I’ve also decided to change the featured image for this as it doesn’t really fit with my theme for the blog but I wanted to share my local area with you all as I find beauty in it.

On Thursday my hubby and I thought let’s go out before the kids finish school before we have no time together. So we ended up here

I love living so close to this place. Roa Island is absolutely beautiful and especially in the summer. As we turned up at 11:00 we went for a meal at the cafe on the island which is amazing. I was surprised we got seats as you usually have to reserve a table week in advance.

Friday we didn’t really do much as I had planned to go out but it all turned South.

On Saturday we had a drive to a beach which reminds me of when I’ve been to America. It’s one of those beaches you walk down a wooden walkway too and you don’t get many of them where I live.

It wasnt really a beach kind of day but I was outnumbered and outvoted. So we spent the afternoon climbing up and down the sandunes and getting stabbed by mini trees and such. Didn’t stay too much longer after my daughter found a hole with half an egg in it and was scared by the thoughts of what it was. On the way home I was again¬†outnumbered and outvoted so we had a McDonalds (I say we I sat in the car and watched everyone else eat) and made our way home.

Yesterday we had a late start as the hubby was on a night shift but the kids managed to wake him up after a couple of hours so we made our way to the Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway.

This is somewhere the kid’s love as they get to go on a Steam Engine. My daughter loves it because it’s like the Hogwarts Express. My son loves it because¬†well its a train. So you start off on a proper steam train at Haverthwaite which takes you on a 30-minute train ride to Lakeside and when you get off the train you are closely met by this view.

I’ll be honest its a panorama so didn’t quite go the way it was intended but looks lovely all the same. The bend in the middle I think is where I moved.¬†ūüė¨

We then went to the aquarium and turned up at OTTER FEEDING TIME.ūüėć Just how¬†

adorable are these creatures. I say, creatures, as there were two otters but the other one didn’t stay still as it was eating its mealworms which looked absolutely disgusting. They probably think the same as our food though and they have to eat the equivalent of a grown man eating 70 burgers in a day. I was really surprised when I heard that. where the hell would they put it all. They don’t look like there is many placed to put all those mealworms and something else that looked like seaweed.

The aquarium is a really good day out. we would have taken the boat to Bowness but we wouldn’t have got back to the train in time to get back to the car before the car park closed for the night. The kids enjoyed the day that much that one of them fell asleep on me on the train back and the other one fell asleep in the car along with the big kid that I took along otherwise known as their dad.

So today I’ve not really done anything except try to catch up on my housework and work on some blog posts. I’ve also been and bought some football scarfs and been to y pole fitness class so so much for a doing nothing day. Maybe another day this week. Heres hoping.

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