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Prism – Book Review

Book Title: Prism (The Colour Alchemist #1)
Author: Nina Walker
Genre: Dystopian Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: August 2017


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Why I chose this?

I’ve actually had this on my Kindle for  while and I saw an advertisement on Facebook for it that made it sound really good so I thought it was time I gave it a go. 

What it’s about

Prism (The Color Alchemist, #1)What if color held the secrets to powerful magic? 

Forced to move into the palace, Jessa begins training as a Color Alchemist under the direction of the kingdom’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Lucas. As an alchemist, Jessa must capture and harness the color of living things. Every color has a unique purpose, except red. Red is the untapped magic no one can access—until Jessa.

Prince Lucas is running out of time. His mother is deathly ill and healing magic hasn’t worked. When Lucas suspects someone is using alchemy to control her, he sets out to discover the truth, no matter the cost.

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Prism (The Color Alchemist, #1)

What I Thought

Prism is the start of the Color Alchemist series and it’s a dual POV book. We see this through the eyes of Jessa and Prince Lucas.

We start of with Jessa a 16-year-old Ballerina with the potential to make it far with pointe. The way this book started had me intrigued. 

I didn’t collect secrets. I only had one. One little, messy mistake I’d kept buried in the back of my mind for months. Now, I felt the danger of its existence as I stared into the eyes of the person whose job it was to dig up this particular secret.

If you want to pull me in that’s how you start a book. My curiosity over takes and I need to know what secret could she possibly have that is that dangerous. I know it’s got to be something with colour alchemy but still I need to know. 

Turns out Jessa is the only person that has been able to separate colours into their prime colours and she wasn’t even aware of this. She also happens to do this in front of the Royal Family along with Prince Lucas.

Prince Lucas has his own secrets and they involve his father, the unkind and uncaring King Richard who wants to use alchemy for his own selfish reasons. 

Jessa and Lucas end up practicing in the Palace which is where the majority of the book takes place yet it seems we rarely visit the same place more than once so to me it seems very vast, especially as the colour alchemist live there too. 

Although the focus is on Jessa and Lucas we get to meet a fir few characters on the way such as Sasha (resistance worker and Lucas’ fake girlfriend), Jasmine (experienced healer and looks after the ailing queen), Faulk (head of the Colour Alchemists and a big cause of Jessa’s problems), Reed (Faulks right hand man and Jessa’s friend) and Lacey (Jessa’s little sister and the reason why things goes askew). Each one has a completely different personality and they all work well into the story. 

Although I enjoyed the book I think the epilogue gave away more than the book itself and I also don’t think the POV needed to change every chapter as sometimes I felt like I was going back on myself. I also really like the idea of different colours having different properties and I look forward to hearing more about them. 

Star Rating


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