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Prisoner of Darkness – Book Review

Book Title: Prisoner of Darkness (Whims of Fae #2)
Author: Nissa Leder
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: September 2017

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“Graves had always freaked Scarlett out. Dead bodies trapped in boxes for all eternity and buried six feet under the ground. No. Thank. You.”

Why I chose this?

As you can see from above this is book two of the Whims of Fae series and I want to see what happens to Scarlett now she has been immortalised.

What it’s about

Prisoner of Darkness (Whims of Fae, #2)

Scarlett returns to the mortal realm different than before. She’s mended her relationship with her sister, but now has new secrets she must keep. After taking the pill Kaelem, the Unseelie King, had given her at the Summer Court, the magic in Scarlett grows, and she’s losing control of her power.

When Kaelem offers Scarlett his help, she has no choice but to accept before she hurts someone she loves. Scarlett must trust him to teach her to master her new gifts, but his intentions aren’t pure and Scarlett is pulled even further into the fae world.

Prisoner of Darkness (Whims of Fae #2)

What I Thought

Once again This book was an extremely easy read, I didn’t quite read it as fast as the first book but unfortunately, sometimes real life gets in the way.

So Scarlett, as we discover, is now a Fae who is struggling to control her powers. Raith is unable to help her as he has his own agenda so he brings in Nissa Leder’s version of SJM’s Rhysand, Kaelem King of the Unseelie/Night Court.

Since we’re here on my blog once again I’ve got to be incredibly honest with you. I don’t know how this book has got so many 5 Star reviews on Goodreads. If you want to read a bargain brand version of ACOTAR then this is it. The similarities are remarkable.

By this I’m not saying that it’s a bad book, it does have promise and if I hadn’t have read ACOTAR series first I’d have probably loved it. It’s just eerily similar. I’m now predicting that because Scarlett (I actually nearly wrote Feyre) has fae blood that her sister will no be turned into a Fae and resent Scarlett for it.

I also thought the writing was poor for this book and it didn’t feel like it was going anywhere for a long time. I was surprised when I got to chapter twenty to realise I was near the end of the book and hoping something bi was about to happen.

I still plan on carrying on the series but this is mainly because I want to see if it follows the same pattern as SJM also as this has more books to this sereies currently I am hoping for a little more originality down the line.

Star Rating

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