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Prisoner of Fae – Book Review

Book Title: Prisoner of Fae (Enchanted Penitentiary #1)
Author: Abbie Lyons
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: New Adult
Publication date: August 2020
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

This was one of those of bok series that pop up on Facebook as you’re scrolling and the cover stood out to me which is a good job it was this one and not the previous one.

What it’s about

Prisoner of Fae: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Enchanted Penitentiary Book  1) by Abbie Lyons - BookBub

Accused of murder. Thrown behind bars with dangerous Fae criminals and dangerously attractive prison guards. But I’m totally innocent—I know it.

My name’s Emerald Jones, and I’d been living a pretty charmed life for a Fae girl—literally. A year ago I left the Invisible Cities of the Fae Realm for a luxe existence in the human city of Los Angeles, with my bestie April at my side. Our parties were legendary and our life was totally sweet.

Then, at the stroke of midnight on my eighteenth birthday, everything went black. And when I woke up, April was dead.

Next thing I know I’m on trial and booked into Enchanted Penitentiary, where only the most dangerous Fae are sent to keep them out of our society. I’m the newest paranormal prisoner, and even if I know I’m innocent, I can’t prove it until I find the killer.

Which might be easier said than done when it turns out my childhood friend Gage is the one acting as my personal prison guard. And he’s gotten pretty hot.

Or that the disgraced—and incredibly sexy—Prince of Fae is locked up here too—and won’t let me out of his sight.

Add to the mix some sweet-but-psycho fellow prisoners and the mysterious, all-powerful Warden, and I’m going to be lucky if I make it out alive.

Or make it out at all.

Prisoner of Fae is a new adult paranormal prison novel with a slow-burn romance and a kickass heroine. Although there are love triangles, this is NOT a reverse harem. Rated 18+ for strong language.

First Impressions

Prisoner of Fae (Enchanted Penitentiary #1)The cover above is a hell of a lot nicer than the other cover I have placed here. The girl to the side is unrealistic (I know that she a Fae) but she just doesn’t look right to me. She has a look of a Barbie doll.

What I Thought

This is the first time I have read a book by this author. I really enjoyed the plot of being accused of murder and being sent to prison, knowing you’re innocent. I would not have coped as well as Emerald.

Tarian seems alright, but Gage seems like a wet lettuce, and I’m hoping he becomes more in book two. A lot of other reviews have mentioned how much of a great book boyfriend he is but I’m just not feeling it.

I enjoyed the twist which I didn’t see coming and I am looking forward to seeing how Em, Delilah and Tarian cope

Star Rating

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