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Quote of the day 14th September

Today’s quote of the day isn’t actually from an author but from someone who I adore nonetheless. He comes across as a really nice guy and I believe what he has said wholeheartedly.

The man is question is none other than Sebastian Stan whom I’m slightly obsessed with and not afraid to admit it.

I mean why should I be seen as “normal.” Define normal. I’m the type of person who doesn’t necessarily stand out from a crowd (I’m an INTP I wouldn’t be in a crowd) however, I love being slightly different from everyone else. If we were all the same the world would be a very, very boring place. Which then brings me to this (I didn’t mean it to be a two parter.)

I’m done with people telling me that I can’t wear the T- shirts I wear because they’re actually men’s. I’m done with telling me to wear makeup everyday. That’s not me and if you don’t like that I will happily escort you to the door.

I’m not completely happy with the way I look (prematurely greying isn’t exactly fun) but I won’t change my attitude, my style or my personality because someone doesn’t like it.

I am who I am and as long as I’m happy that’s the important thing.

Don’t let anyone try and drag you down to their level because you’re different. If you’re different and you’re brave enough to express it then as far as I’m concerned you’ve already come out on top.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day 14th September

  1. Love tihs post!! It shouldn’t matter what you wear as long as you are dressed and not un-hygienic, lol! And, I love makeup but even I don’t wear it every day! Too much work! Be who you are if it makes you happy! <3

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