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Sentranced saturday

Sentranced (adj.): the state of being captivated by a well-written sentence.

Sentranced Saturday is a weekly meme created Kaleena @Reader Voracious that encourages you to share a quote that left you entranced. It makes you think. She has a little notebook that she carries with her everywhere to write down quotes that inspire her in some way, and she is sure that she is not alone!

Family is not an important thing. It’s everything. ~ Michael J. Fox

My family is really important to me especially as this is a really trying year for some. We lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s in March this year and my other Grandfather is in and out of hospital getting blood transfusions because he’s suffering from kidney disease and is too far gone for Dialysis.

So because I’m close to my family and there is a lot of us I’ve decided that next time there is a blood drive I’ll be there and there is also a 5k walk to support Alzheimer’s UK in September. It’s not much but it’s a start. Maybe by doing these small things, it’ll make a huge difference to someone one day.

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