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What would you do if your society deemed you Undesirable. See how Ginger reacted in Seven Years Gone: Undesirable.

Book Title: Seven Years Gone: Undesirable
Author: Liz Iavorschi-Braun
Genre: dystopian, fantasy
Targeted Group: YA

I am enough

I received a copy of Seven Years Gone: Undesirable in exchange for an honest review.

Undesirable (Seven Years Gone, #1)Five generations after world leaders engineer a virus to decimate the population and keep it under control, life continues as normal for those living in The Society. They are divided into classes and go about their lives because it is all they know. The genetically fortunate become rulers, while those labeled undesirable are never seen again.

Torn between her obligation to The Society in which she was raised and a desire to choose her own fate, Ginger takes a chance and risks it all to cross a vast wilderness alone for a chance to be free.

In a nutshell, The Society that Ginger (a.k.a E357) has been brought up in has been divided up into different groups/classes.

  • The high level workers (scientists and doctors)
  • The breeders
  • The rulers
  • The labourers
  • The undesirables

This was because of what The Society did. The Cleansing. The Cleansing is where The Society chose the best people to survive a deadly virus in order to reduce the population as they deemed there was too many people.

This author takes us on a journey of one 16 year old girl who has been brave enough to place her fate into her own hands and go to the place she has heard in her fathers stories.

Ginger: Ginger is a rule breaker. She first comes across as a little too curious for her own good. She also come across as a longer. The only people she seems to get on with are her parents and possibly the librarian. Once we get into the story she grows, fierce, determined and strong. Not many 16 year old girls would willing go into unknown territory to save themselves from uncertain death.

Robert and Mary: Ginger’s parents aren’t really that present. We hear more about them through Gingers monologue than actually see them as part of the story. Robert seems to really dote on Ginger as he provides her with the stories and gifts that really seem to fit Ginger’s personality. Mary on the other hand seems to be seen and not heard. She prepares the meals, and goes out to pick up the delivery and comforts her daughter. As a mother myself I know that she must do more than this throughout the day.

Rane: Rane seems like a really sweet guy. We don’t really get to see much about him but he really is kind, caring and not shy about his emotions.

Myra: Myra is definitely someone I would like as a friend. She’s Rane’s older sister and you can tell she has both Gingers and Rane’s best interests at heart.

I really liked this book. So much so that I stayed up on New Year’s Eve and made it my first completed book of 2017.

The story flowed well and was really easy to follow. Although, it got a bit monotonous in the middle while she was on her own in the wilderness (just how many times did we need reminding that she had a bad leg, the start and the ending more than made up for it.

It starts pretty much straight away and there is no dancing round the houses over what might or might not happen. Over all it was a really pleasant read and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

I give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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