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Shadow Wings – Book Review

Book Title: Shadow Wings (Darkest Drae #2)
Author: Raye Wagner, Kelly St. Clare
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: February 8th 2018
Format: Kindle

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“This was the first time I’d let him touch me since we’d left the castle, and something in my chest felt funny with the contact. Probably indigestion.”

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Why I chose this?

I chose this as I wanted to see if it got better as I wasn’t that impressed with Blood Oath. I have been surprised before,  I didn’t enjoy The Cruel Prince but The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing were really good. So I am giving this the benefit of the doubt.

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What it’s about

Shadow Wings (The Darkest Drae, #2)I will never be controlled again.
A manipulative dragon shifter. A sexy phaetyn prince. Me? I shouldn’t even exist.

With peace established in Verald, I should be free; Lord Tyrrik is liberated from his blood oath, after all. But the freedom in Verald is an illusion. If I remain, destruction will surely follow.

As soon as I come into my powers, the blood-thirsty emperor of Draecon will know. Even now, he is hunting me.

When a Phaetyn prince arrives promising safety, the solution seems perfect. A little too perfect. But is the objective of our group security or something more? Because everyone is telling me what my goals should be.

Who do you trust when everyone has lied to you?

Should I listen with my head – or my heart?

I might not get a choice.

If you love dark fantasy, you’ll be riveted by The Darkest Drae Series because of the pulse-pounding action and slow-burn romance. Scroll up and one-click now!

Shadow Wings (The Darkest Drae, #2)
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What I Thought

It’s 2:41 am and I’ve just finished and first of all, I want to say that was better than Blood Oath and I’m a little glad my stubborn arse decided to read that. The execution they missed from the first book hit the mark here. I even remembered Ryn’s name. Go me

The writing flowed, the characterisation was on point and thankfully there wasn’t as much scene/worldbuilding considering we have now made it to two new areas of the world. I did like the introduction of the new characters especially the Phaetyn  Prince and Princess. These seemed like real genuine people who wanted to help and did their best for their people. One thing became increasingly obvious to me once Tyrrick started giving Ryn shiny stuff and started glowing blue. She is really dense and oblivious I wanted to slap her. which brings me to my next section.

A couple of things that annoyed me

  1. Sex should not be referred to as “Dancing round the Maypole” She’s 18 for crying out loud. Sex was the hot topic when I left school at 15 and it seems I knew much more at that age than Ryn at 18. I’ve called it somethings my self but never a Maypole. She hasn’t lived under a rock she worked in a bar for crying out loud.

  2. Holy Pancakes 🥞. HOLY PANCAKES!!! What sort of a substitute is that for the word shit or even crap???

  3. This girl has never heard of let alone eaten chocolate. To me, that’s more unbelievable than the dragons. I live off chocolate which is why I need to go to the gym.

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Star Rating

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