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Somebody nose (😉) what’s wrong with me

Today is the day I finally had my laryngoscopy.

After 7 years of dealing with problem with my throat and not being able to speak today I need to know what’s going on and if it can be cured.

This is affecting my life in more ways than one. The kids can’t hear me when I ask them to do stuff. I can’t converse with my grandad and I can’t do my job as it involves talking on a phone for 8.5 hours a day.

I just hope that the NHS can get me somewhere. The hour long wait was bad enough (I’m still sat in the waiting room while writing this bit). They did tell us they were running behind but they chose not to inform us how long. People have paid for the car park. What happens if they now get a parking ticket due to no fault of their own?

I suppose I’m just moaning because as much as I want to know whats going on with my vocal chords I really don’t like having a camera up my nose.

So I finally got out of the specialists room after waiting for what felt an eternity. Once again I had a camera put up my nose and it turns out that my voice problems are caused by a broken nose that I didn’t no I had. So now I need surgery to correct it and go to speech therapy to retrain my vocal chords.

It’s going to be a fun few months for me.

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