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Sorry I’ve been MIA this week

I really need to keep up with this. This week has been super hectic. I’ve been at work everyday since Friday and don’t get a day off until this Saturday coming so I’m shattered. So on top of my full time job and being a mother of two I’ve been sorting out the kids clothes, sorting out my clothes (the husband can do his own. He’s old enough and ugly enough to do it himself), reading, making graphics for a Facebook group I’m on, general housework and I’m planning on decorating my living room on my week off but I need the mother-in-laws approval first. Again on top of that my grandad is in hospital so I’m planning on visiting him tomorrow but next week I’ll have caught up on here and I’m sorry for not being around much this week.

I’m recently reading these books and I’m already not sure about So, is it me your looking for? It’s taking a while to go anywhere but I’ll give it a go and then I’ll let you know how it went.

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