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Spoiler alert!! When should we stop saying it?

How long does a book have to be out before you stop saying

I was on Twitter the other day and someone was complaining about seeing a spoiler for Throne of Glass, not the series but the first book. This book was released on 2 August 2012 which makes it 8 years old this year. It’s about 9 months younger than my daughter. Would you say this has been out long enough for spoiler alert not to be applicable or would you still embrace the spoiler alert?

Now I haven’t read the final two books in the series still (yes I know) however, if I saw a spoiler then that would be on me because it has been my choice not to read them yet.

The same goes with movies if you do a homer then I can’t blame you from complaining about a spoiler

However, if the movie had been out for several years then I personally don’t think you can go down the spoiler alert route.

I have asked a couple of people and the average answer to this question was 12 months. So what do you think?

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