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Stonechild – Blog Tour

Book Title: Stonechild
Author: Kevin Albin
Genre: YA paranormal thriller
Publication Date: 14th June 2020


What it’s about

Where do we go to when we die? Imagine human consciousness embedded in the molecules of a statue. So, when the statues of London come to life, it is a spectacle like non other, and they come with a specific message, and an offer we cannot refuse.

As the world reels in this wonder of science and religion, Molly Hargreaves has other plans and she sets out to prove that things are not as they seem.

Chased, captured and confined, Molly confronts the statues and her own fears. But who can she convince? The people are welcoming, the Government has succumbed, and the police try to act, but how do you shoot stone and metal? Be prepared to be run ragged around London on a mystery worthy of the great Sherlock Holmes.

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A word puzzle for the readers of Stonechild and with a prize to be drawn on the 10th December, which is Human Rights Day. Here’s the link with all the details


Author Bio

I served 25 years with the police in the UK, eight years of which were with a tactical firearms team. In 2002, I took a career change, and retrained as an International Mountain Leader working across the globe guiding on mountaineering trips and expeditions.

I have led many trips to the jungles of Borneo, my favourite destination, an enchanting place that has sadly seen much deforestation. My trips were based on education and conservation.

In 2011, I won the Bronze in the Wanderlust Magazine World Guide Awards for my work..

It was whilst working on a corporate training day in London, when I pictured a statue coming to life to give my clients the answer to the clue they were working on. The rest grew from there.

My hope is that my writing will continue to spread the word on conservation and protection of all species.

I live in France.

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What I Thought

This was a story like I’ve never read before and one I enjoyed. Having statues of the nation’s capital come to life was certainly unique and was what pulled me in along with the age-old question What happens when we die?

The book is really well written however, I wasn’t sure where this was going at first, the prologue to me seemed far back in the past. It only took a couple of chapters for me to understand what was going on.

I liked Molly, I thought it was really good that she was highly intelligent but not so much in your face with it. She’s not one from shying from danger which is a good job really, especially in this fast paced book as the whole story takes over the course of four days.

I thouroughly enjoyed the tour around London and it took me back to my trip there a couple of years ago trying to remember if I saw the statues that were mentioned. I may need to confirm with my friend or arrange another vist once the pandemic is over.

although this has been marked as a YA I think this would also suit advanced readers of a younger audience. A must read.


Star Rating

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