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Can’t believe what I’ve just read.

Came across this article this morning before going to work and had a WTF!!! Moment.

10 Celebrities Who Don’t Give a Damn About Public Opinion

In case you don’t read it, this article is about how celebrities looked when they put a bit of weight on. I’m absolutely appalled by this. Yes these celebrities may have put weight on but that is none of your damn business. The only people this should concern is the person in question and their doctor 👨‍⚕️. This is fat shaming not news. So what if they’ve put a little weight on. If they wanted to they would lose it.

I used to be a very slim person I was around 8 stone (112lbs) and I wasn’t happy. I was working night shifts at a taxi firm and I never got to see anyone as they all worked days. I never even got to sit down and eat Christmas dinners with my family. I’m now on the larger side and I have a loving husband and two children who bring me joy. Yeah I could lose weight but i would hope that wouldn’t make a difference to how I feel knowing how miserable I was 10 years ago.

We need to stop fat shaming. Is disrespectful disgraceful and after all who knows if the trolls writing this are “fat” themselves and projecting. Whatever it is it needs to stop. Life is hard enough without people criticising others for their size.

Jennifer says that after giving birth to 2 children, she feels more feminine and happy and is not going to lose weight anymore. Who are we to criticize her?

“Who are we to criticise her?” That’s funny, since that’s all your article seems to be.

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