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So it’s the last day of what feels like a relatively short week this week but I did only do four days at work. Thank you for whoever decided I don’t have to work bank holidays.

I’ve never really done a weekly catch up or round up before and I don’t know why I decided to start now. Currently, I’m writing this sat out in my yard under a beautiful blue sky. Also here is picture proof because if a certain person reads these blogs, the sun does shine in Britain and it doesn’t just rain all the time surprisingly.

I am also sat here burning away because of my stupid PMLE which means I cant be directly sat in the sun. However, if I go inside I start shivering so I’m sat in the shade trying to get the best of both worlds, and also try and tan these lily-white legs which are the only part of me in the sun and the only part of me that doesn’t seem to get affected but there’s still time.

If anyone does know what I can do about my arms and the fact that they are always burning and itching it would be a great help because I have never known them to be this bad and the medication seems to be doing Jack shit.

Also, whenever I go out in this glorious sunshine I get funny looks and I have taken to wearing a long cardigan to try and protect myself as I have been told to “keep cool, but stay covered up.” I am still trying to work that one out because if I keep covered up I am too hot but if I don’t cover up enough I blister. Some help would be nice but because of this pandemic, I am unable to go to Salford and get the treatment I was supposed to be getting this year to help with it. I might get used to it but at the moment it’s so sore and it’s not even started to wrap yet.

While I am on the subject of the pandemic. who knew it would be this difficult to work from home. I don’t have the easiest job in the world as it involves getting people into work who have some form of disability or health problem. Now though seems worse than ever to get people into work because more and more places are shutting down or if they are looking for employment its more likely someone who has recently lost their job are more likely to get it instead.

I also certainly don’t have the hardest job either I think that goes to people on out front lines dealing with people directly such as the NHS and shop workers. My husband is classed as a Keyworker and each day he comes home from work I hope he hasn’t come across anyone with the virus. I know that sounds selfish but isn’t it the time to be. I certainly don’t want me him or the kids catching it. I’ve already lost an old colleague to it.

So other than the above what have I done this week?

What have I been reading?

This week I have read and reviewed House of Earth and Blood and Playboy Princes. I have completed I think three, book tags without actually going back of its page and looking.

I have also read The Seven Endless Forests from my NetGalley list. I have a review half-finished but I not quite sure how to word some stuff at the moment but I’m sure it’ll come to me.

This week also saw me get a fair bit of book mail in the form of Havenfall, The Doll Factory, Ella Minnow Pea, and the Eve Illusion which is a signed first edition and I wasn’t aware of that bit when I ordered it so that was a nice surprise.

What have I been watching?

This week has been about the reruns of shows I have watched previously and they’ve been on for a bit of background noise to help me get out of my head with work stuff. So I have been watching The Ricky Gervais Show mainly for Karl and his hilarious but impossible ideas. I also decided on Saturday night to watch I, Tonya. I remember nothing at the time of it all happening but I know it was huge in the sporting world so after scrolling through Netflix which probably took more time than the actual film I settled on this.

What else have I done?

Other than work I spent a bit on Saturday sprucing up a 22-year-old guitar. It’d seem better days and I haven’t played it in about 17 years. I was learning it for fun, then I took GCSE music which I thought would be easy. Turns out its compulsory to learn to play an instrument which we never got graded on and I fell out of love with it because of my teacher. I have finally got around to re-stringing it and I have nearly got The Hall of the Mountain King and James Bond remembered. Weird how muscle memory works.

Thanks to Corona Virus and the lockdown I have no plans at all for this week other than to finally read one of the fairytale retellings that I’ve been planning on for weeks with no success.


Have any of you done something interesting that you would like to share? Put them in the comments.

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