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The Faerie Games ~ Book Review

Book Title: The Faerie Games (Dark World: The Faerie Games #1)
Author: Michelle Madow
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication date: August 30th 2019
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

It was purely on the cover. I know I  shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but can you blame me?

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What it’s about

The Faerie Games (Dark World: The Faerie Games Book 1)I’m Selena Pearce, and in the past few days I’ve been kidnapped by faeries, gifted with powerful magic, and forced by the gods to compete in a twisted game to the death.

Growing up on the magical island of Avalon should be great… but I have no magic to speak of. And my parents forbid me from leaving.

So when I sneak out to Earth for a night and meet a hottie named Julian with ice blue eyes that leave me breathless, of course I say yes to a date with him. But when Julian pulls me through a magical portal, I realize he isn’t human.

He’s a half-blood faerie. Apparently I am, too. And I’ve been chosen to compete in the annual Faerie Games—a brutal, gladiator-like competition where half-bloods fight to the death.

Now the other players—including Julian, who still captivates me even though I should hate him—better watch out. Because I’m determined to win the Faerie Games so I can get home.

And I’ll fight anyone blocking my path to get there.

Full of magic, mythology, romance, and twists, The Faerie Games is the first book in an addicting fantasy series that will keep you reading late into the night. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, and Throne of Glass.

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First Impressions

The cover is beautiful. Yes it’s another blonde haired girl on the cover (dear authors there are other type of women out there) but it’s the wings and the colours and the small flowers that make this stand out from the crowd on my KU books currently.

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What I Thought

Well for a book that I thought was going to be all about the Olympics of Faerie land it the games didn’t actually begin until about 70%-75% into the book which I thought was a little unusual considering how much build up there was to these games. It would be like if the Hunger Games was all the build up to it then just stopped once they got to Cornucopia.

That being said the writing was well done and the world building was fantastic. The Roman Gods aren’t generally my forte but it was nice to read about the Roman Gods rather than the Greek Gods as they seem to be the more popular ones.

I’d like to have more on Avalon where Selena was from but I am happy with the Otherworld descriptions with the vines and the flowers and fountains, sounds like somewhere I wouldn’t mind visiting minus Octavia and Prince Whatshisname Selena’s dad (I want to say Devyn but I’ve been watching Chuck so I could have got that wrong).

Clearly there is something going on with Julian and I bet he has a clover shaped birthmark on him somewhere. I’d put money on it.

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Star Rating

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