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The Faerie Mate ~ Book Review

Book Title: The Faerie Mate (Dark World: The Faerie Games #3)
Author: Michelle Madow
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publication date: December 6th 2019
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

So Torrence is on her way to save Selena and Selena has found her soul mate but he doesn’t know. Yeah, I need to plough on with this.

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What it’s about

The Faerie Mates (Dark World: The Faerie Games Book 3)

In the Faerie Games, it’s kill or be killed. And I’m going to survive, no matter what the cost.

Who will win the next Emperor of the Villa competition? Will I tell Julian that we’re soulmates? And most importantly—will Julian, Cassia, and I defeat Octavia and make it out of the Games alive?

I’ll do whatever’s necessary to survive. Because I’m Selena Pearce—raised by the leaders of Avalon, born of a powerful witch and a faerie prince, and gifted with magic from Jupiter.

And I’m not going to let fear control me any longer.

Get ready for a rollercoaster of adventure and romance in The Faerie Mates, the third book in this addicting, twist-filled fantasy series by USA Today bestselling author Michelle Madow!


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First Impressions

Might be me but there seems to be something off about her face or hair on this picture. Like I know this isn’t a real woman and she is half-fae or whatnot but she looks more like she has a Barbies proportions on this. That being said she looks like she is going to kick arse in this rather than looking like an angel in disguise.

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What I Thought

This wasn’t quite what I was expecting after the first two books. This was didn’t seem to dance around the subjects and went rather quickly into the action and with that bypassing a few of the champions deaths.

As you will have guessed by the title Selena and Julian have found each other and they to me are in that really sweet part of the relationship where neither can do anything wrong and everyone else in the vicinity needs a sick bag because of how sickeningly sweet they are.

Felix is a dumb jock who uses his body. I would usually use another word to describe this character but I’m trying to be nice and another reason is I’ve had arguments with some Americans over how to pronounce said curse word. It begins with T and rhymes with a rat. Octavia still a bitch with a complex and deserves whatever bad things are coming to her. Jealousy gets you nowhere.

Torrence agreement with Circe surprised me but Reed’s reaction surprised me more and I’d love to see what happens with these two in the next book as we already know what happens with Selena and Julian in a roundabout way.

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Star Rating

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