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The Princess Ballot – Book Review

Book Title: The Princess Ballot (Royals of Arbon Academy #1)
Author: Jaymin Eve & Tate James
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: 26th December 2019
Format: Kindle

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Why I chose this?

I’ve been really enjoying Jaymin Eves books since I stumbled upon them last year while browsing the Kindle Unlimited Library. I have now probably read most of her work. Since this one is about Princesses and far away schools then this seems to be right up my street at the moment. I’ve got to admit I’ve not read anything by Tate James but I can’t see this being bad.

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What it’s about

Princess Ballot (Royals of Arbon Academy, #1)You have been chosen.

Those four words change Violet Spencer’s whole life, when against staggering odds, she’s selected in the “princess ballot.”

Arbon Academy is affectionately known as the school for Royals. Only the rich, powerful, or heir to a throne gain entry … except for the one scholarship student accepted every five years. It’s a worldwide lottery, and one that Violet entered without giving it any serious thought.

But the media got it wrong and Arbon Academy is much more than a simple college for future leaders.

It’s a dark world of politics, intrigue, and dangerous guys who will stop at nothing to get their own way. Despite her best efforts at remaining off the radar, Violet finds herself a pawn between two of the most powerful monarchies in the world.

Prince Rafe of the Switzerlands and Prince Alex of the Australasias are bitter enemies both on the soccer field and in the political arena. Monarchies rule the world now, and every waking breath is a competition for the princes.

Control the ball.
Control the world.
Control Violet.

Whether it’s through love or hate, someone will ultimately win.

Princess Ballot (Royals of Arbon Academy, #1)
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First Impressions

The one thing I will start with is why is it another blonde young woman. Haven’t there been enough of these already?

I do think that the school looks a little creepy but I am loving that dress and if I was 5 stone lighter and had somewhere to wear it I’d certainly wear it.

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What I Thought

What the hell was that ending??!!?? I now have to wait for the next book which is so unfair.

I just want to clarify now that although he is coming across as an absolute dick I’m already a Sucker for Rafe. Alex is just too much of the so called “nice guy.”

The writing in this is what I have come to expect from reading similar novels like this, what did sightly annoy me was a typo. I know I’ve made mistakes and typos, there are probably some in this but…they used the wrong “there.” I usually wouldn’t be bothered but we were doing this with my daughter just before the Christmas holidays.

I enjoyed the plot of this story yet it reminded me of a Barbie film my daughter made me watch over and over again when she was younger. If I remember rightly it was Barbie in Princess Charm School.

The characters are well thought out and you can actually differentiate between them all. From Violet and Mattie, Alex and Rafe, and also Noles and Jordan.

I am looking forward to the next book because of that ending and a few other things I don’t want to spoil but I apparently have to wait until June.

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Star Rating

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