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Tiger King: The Train wreck you cant look away from

I’ve decided that I am no longer going to take recommendations from my sister regarding TV shows. The last one was Don’t F*** with Cats which was horrendous. This week we’ve (my husband and I) watched Tiger King as per her recommendation. What an absolute shitshow you can’t turn your eyes away from.

First with the cast of characters shown I can only use this very specific Buzz Lightyear quote to describe Joe Exotic:

As I live in a small town in Northern England I had never heard of this man before but now we can’t seem to get away from him and “Carole Fuckin’ Baskin.”

Fun House: Pat Sharp and that famous mullet.1988-1991 | Pat sharp ...
Pat Sharp sporting his mullet on Funhouse (1989 – 1999)

I thought it was going to be weird when I put it on and Joe is sat there sporting a mullet. If I didn’t know any better and the picture quality was poorer I’d have thought this would have been filmed in the mid to late eighties. I didn’t know mullets were still going. The last person I know of that sported a Mullet was Pat Sharp.

On top of this, the weird mulleted guy with the 227 tigers has not one but TWO husbands. How on earth did that happen? One of the fellas wasn’t even gay and I’m willing to bet the other one wasn’t either.

The first one slept with the receptionist and got her pregnant and husband number two committed suicide which was awful especially given the circumstances surrounding it. Three months after he passed away Joe is married to another young lad and I don’t get how he managed to get these young lads to marry him. I don’t often say this but he’s a complete nutcase.

Carole Baskin is not much better on the scale of craziness. Thrice married Baskin in my opinion, is very shady.

Her first husband looks like someone we meet later on in the series who causes a massive turn around of the zoo, her second husband goes missing just after she becomes the executor of his estate and ages everything upon his “disappearance” rather than his death. Then there is husband number three who was fine wearing a leopard print Fred Flintstone type outfit during his wedding then wearing a lead that she was holding in the wedding pictures. Each to their own and all that, I thought this was more than a little odd.

I knew it was going to be a bit on the strange side when the producer to the show described the town in which everything happened as “the middle of Bumfuck Oklahoma.” I rewound it as I couldn’t quite believe what I heard the first time around and the second time I heard it I still needed to clarify it with my husband.

The other people aren’t as strange as these two and the most “normal” two are an ex-drug dealer from Cuba who was imprisoned for the murder of an FBI agent (I think) and the zookeeper who got their arm wrapped of by one of the tigers and was misgendered the entire time.

The story is that bizarre you would argue it is a work of fiction rather than a documentary. Honestly, I’m still not sure of what I’ve wanted and there were 8 episodes. I still can’t quite get my head around it all but I am loving all the memes that came from this now that I understand them.

I’ve never done a review about a TV show before but I needed to make an exception for this crazy couple of cat people. Also, I like many others are still trying to figure out this bit

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  1. I’ve been hesitant to watch this because of animal cruelty, but now the relationships between humans is so bizarre that I need to understand.

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