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What is a Man’s job?

This is a little of the topic that I would usually write but I met my new neighbour today and although she seems nice there was something that she said that really pissed me off.

So she knocked on my door and asked me if my husband was at home. I apologised and said that he was at work. (So far so good right?). Oh, I was hoping he was in as I need him to read the meter under the TV.

So it’s at this point I offered my help only to be told that it’s a man’s job.

What part of bending down and reading numbers off a box qualifies this as a “man’s job”? I know there are actual jobs that are more gender stereotyped more than others (hairdresser and plumber come to mind) but reading a meter?

I’m in 2018 right? No one has come near me with a time travelling DeLorean or phone box. I think I’d remember that and people have still dressed the same ish. Although, I have spotted something in shops lately that I would have worn in the 90’s.

So if reading a gas meter is a man’s job I suppose I shouldn’t also be changing light bulbs or God help people if I weld a hammer or screwdriver then?

I perhaps shouldn’t be as pissed off as I am but I want to know what about me makes it look like i’m not capable of this little task. I’m not weak, I’m certainly not delicate and I am capable of doing things that are unexpected. I have a fantastic right hook from kickboxing and I am also able to hang off a pole using just my legs. I can drive a car (unlike my husband may I add) and I have fun in my job by changing my accents while on the phone.

Come to think of it my personality according to the Myers-Briggs personality is INTP which is rare anyway but to be a women INTP I’m in like a 1%.

As a woman, I don’t think looks are a priority. I might not be ugly, I might not be a gorgeous person but I’m more than my looks and my breasts, legs, and arse. I’m also really not girly. I hate the colour pink and I’d rather spend time at the library than sit in a nail salon for an hour trying to converse with the person doing my nails. You see I’m not sociable either. Blogging is perfect for me, I can show my personality to people and not have to leave my house.

I make a terrible housewife. I hate cleaning and I only do it as its a must and if I didn’t do it, who else would? My kids? My husband? These three people have had everything done for them since the minute they were brought into this world. Not through lack of trying but there is only so many times you can ask them to do something before I turn into the Hulk. Furthermore, I can’t cook. I’m terrible. I try and make these lovely meals that look good but they turn out inedible. I try and apologise for this and my lack of social skills but I simply can’t show empathy. whenever I do I sound insincere or sarcastic. I just can’t do it and actually, showing emotions is hard. My sisters have called me unfeeling robots at one time or another.

So if this woman actually knew me she wouldn’t have to make the assumptions that  I was incapable of reading a meter. I think my 6-year-old daughter is capable of reading a meter.

So really what now is classed as a man’s job? Or a woman’s job for that matter. My husband and I are equals and share the load and I firmly believe this should be the same everywhere. I feel sorry for this woman as something has happened somewhere for her to be needing to ask her neighbours’ husband for help reading a meter. Even if she just wanted her meter reading and nothing else.

2 thoughts on “What is a Man’s job?

  1. Oh great post! I hope you told that woman you were more than capable.
    Unfortunately, Sexism is still persistent and it’s only through educating others that it can be combated. Still, having to talk through every other person’s ignorance is infuriating.

    1. I’m aware it still exists unfortunately I’ve never really had it that direct from a women before. It was really odd. I did try to tell the women I was able to do it but with no voice it was easier to say it via my actions. Ignorance isn’t always bliss it seems

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