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Where are all the book promos?

As a book blogger, this shouldn’t be a question. Also it’s probably not the right question but my heads still fussy from being ill.

However, I only ever see book recs or promotions on either Twitter or from Book Depository/Waterstones (also I’m signed up to receive book review and cover reveal requests from Rachel’s Random Resorces, thank you Rachel). I’m on Twitter often and if it wasn’t for these I’m not sure I’d know what was coming out let alone when.

Early on this month my local Waterstones closed its Instagram page and hasn’t posted on Twitter since March 2017 and on Facebook, their last post was in July! Are people in my town just not that interested anymore?

That may be the case although, according to posts I’ve seen that have been shared numerous times on Social Media book sales are up ☝ and sales of physical books 📚 have gone up every year for 6 years.

jane the virgin what GIF

So am I looking in the wrong place or is it because I’m living in a place where reading is no longer an enjoyable past time?

I feel it might be the latter, the 2nd hand bookshops are overrun (and won’t accept my books because they have so many) and Waterstones have closed their 1st floor and everything is now in the ground level.

I used to like going upstairs in there, it always seemed so cosy and a good place to hide from people you didn’t want to talk to.

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Okay, so it’s probably not as dramatic as that but in my defence, a bookshop is the last place my ex would have gone to, what did I ever see in him.

So really if you have come here looking for a list of books I’m looking forward to this year then I’m sorry to disappoint you but I know of probably about half a dozen or so, I’m kind of disappointed in myself really for not knowing. That being said I do know this (P.S sorry about the adverts)

Thanks to my husband I am getting a signed copy of this to go long with Sarah J Maas Catwomen and my signed copy of the Gathering

Dragons Love GIF by How To Train Your Dragon

I have only delved into the Grishaverse once with the Shadow and Bone trilogy as I haven’t yet got around to reading Six of Crows but I PROMISE I will read it this time.

So if any of you have any books you are looking forward to this year pop them in the comments and I’ll have a look at them and most likely add them to the forever updating TBR pile which doesn’t seem to want to shrink.

If anyone can help me out I will be eternally grateful.

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There will be treats involved like cakes and cookies.

So after reading this I’m sure that you can understand my question within the title and I need a way of finding this information out but I’m sure I’ll figure this out.

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