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Whims of Fate – Book Review

Book Title: Whims of Fate (Whims of Fae #3)
Author: Nissa Leder
Genre: Fantasy
Target Audience: Young Adult
Publication date: January 2018

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When he saw her, he grinned. “The student has surpassed the teacher.”

Scarlett laughed. “Looks like it.”

Why I chose this?

So I’ve carried it on as I want to see if this carries on the parallel from the ACOTAR series.

What it’s about

Whims of Fate (Whims of Fae, #3)

With everything on the line, who can Scarlett trust?

After returning from the Winter Court, Scarlett and her sister are living at the Unseelie Court under its king, Kaelem’s, protection. Scarlett’s only desire is to keep her sister safe, but her sister isn’t happy to be trapped away from her mortal life.

Scarlett feels more fae and less human every day. Her emotions run high and resisting the temptations of her new life are harder than ever.

When the Fates share a prophecy about powerful magic up for the taking, Scarlett hopes it’s the answer she’s been looking for. But she isn’t the only one the Fates have told.

Scarlett finds herself on a quest in an unknown land with an unlikely group of allies. If she can take the magic for herself, she’ll be able to protect everyone she cares about. But if it falls into the wrong hands, Scarlett will never be safe again.

Whims of Fate (Whims of Fae #3)

What I Thought

Now this series seems to be coming into its own with its own storyline (unless there is another fantasy series with a similar storyline that I haven’t yet come across).

I’m beginning to find Scarlett more interesting but I don’t understand why every male she comes across finds her incredibly attractive and it’s only in this book do we discover that Scarlett’s eyes aren’t blue like they were described in the first book but because of her Fae heritage they now have a hint of violet.

I get the Scarlett is special otherwise she wouldn’t have been the main character but does ever red-blooded male need to fall in love her. I get it she’s attractive but come one I didn’t need to be reminded every other page.

The constant shifts of POV was a little too much in this book, we go from Scarlett to Raith to Kaelem, to Sage and so on.

In this book, we get to see the Fates a bit more, although I’ve got to admit every time they were mentioned I did picture the fates from Hercules

Disney Hercules GIF

These books are really easy reads and only take a couple of hours to complete and the plot is relatively easy to follow even with the ever growing amount of characters and different type of magic to go with each court. The more I am reading the more I am liking certain characters and their reasoning behind everything. I am convinced that Kaelem has something more up his sleeve.

Star Rating

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