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Mirror Mirror on the wall. Is Winter the fairest of them all? – The Lunar Chronicles Book 4

13206900Book title: Winter
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, fairy tale retelling
Targeted Group: YA

Yeah, but broken isn’t the same as unfixable

So this is the final part of the series (if you don’t count the Novellas) so how could I not read it. I have waited through three books to see if Levana gets her comeuppance (fingers crossed she does the evil manipulative …). Anyway I really like how each of the covers represents the characters that the books are about. With Cinder it was the foot, Scarlet was the red hood, Cress was the long blonde hair and Winter is the apple. This can only mean its to do with Snow White. Levana already makes a pretty convincing evil step other.

Cinder has just told everyone her plan to overthrow Queen Levana and part of that plan is letting Kai go back to earth (really disappointed to know that she did this). With Thorne as his pilot Kai makes his way back to one of his safe houses on earth where he is met by Torin his advisor. Kai tells Torin that he wants to speak to the queen before he does anything. Torin agrees although reluctantly and leads Kai to a room where he discovers Cinder’s foot on his desk as Torin explains that it’s almost like a good luck charm for them now.

Kai then coms Queen Levana and eventually she agrees to reschedule the wedding and it is decided that it will now be on Luna. To be completely honest I’m not going to say anymore. The book is like 900 pages which is a lot to summarise and if I were to summarise it then there would be a hell of a lot of spoilers.

OK so there was a lot of information in this to digest and it’s no wonder it took Meyer over two years to write. I once again really enjoyed this story. The theme still ran all the way through. The only thing I didn’t really like was there was too much toing and froing. It’s nice to get all the characters points of view but sometimes it to me it was happening a little too often and when I had to out the book down (you know what it’s like. Life gets in the way) sometimes I forgot it was someone else’s POV. Also doesn’t help that the bookmark was removed and I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I was because that’s the job of the book mark.

All in all I really liked how it ended although I do think its open-ended so they could quite easily make another sequel out of this.

I found Winter to be a little weirder than I was expecting but I do thing this was done on purpose due to her sickness an all. Jacin I found to be sweet in this with him being reunited with his princess. He wasn’t such the cold-hearted man I thought him to be previously.

I was absolutely disgusted by what Queen Levana did to wolf there was no way on Earth or Luna that he deserved that treatment. I had to read over that part two to three times just for it to sink in. It was appalling.

How did you feel about the ending? Did what happened to Wolf upset you too?

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