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Worst experience in a bookstore

My worst experience in a bookstore actually happened not too long ago. I went in to have a browse as a gift card I had received for this particular bookshop was burning a hole in my pocket.

The gift card wasn’t the only reason I frequent this particular shop. There aren’t many bookshops that solely sell books in my town. Most are general shops like glorified newsagents or catch-all shops which don’t often have the new releases. So I go to this one which has a tiny YA/NA section hidden in the back corner which is two bookcases of books that I would read which aren’t always full.

So as I enter the shop I notice that the one person who I don’t like being served by is the one manning the tills is in that day and he’s on the phone (I assume the other worker must be on their lunch because it’s very rare that they would take calls on the shop floor). I ignore them and make my way to the back of the shop and look at the books I’m interested in.

After a couple of minutes of reading synopsis and deciding which book I want to purchase that day I hear the worker state “Well if you ask me no one ever comes in so it’ll be in your best interest to shut the shop.” The worker was saying this while there were people in the shop. I was astounded and a few things crossed my mind

  1. Clearly there are people in the shop, what are you talking about?
  2. I’ve only ever seen the shop dead on a Sunday so you no longer open
  3. You’ve been working here for years if you don’t like it stop working here
  4. The shop floor is not somewhere you should be discussing this and should be taken in the staff room at least.

I’m not generally a petty person but I have had my moments. On this day I left the shop without buying anything which is unusual in itself. I went back to work and told my colleagues about what happened and they suggested I speak to the manager about it.

So as this happened on a Saturday and as I’ve established the shop isn’t open on Sundays, I went back to the shop on the Monday and spoke to the nicest person there. She, I believe has taken over the role of manager as the last one left unexpectedly and I explained to her the whole situation. Fair to say she wasn’t happy and is aware that I am a regular customer.

She informed me that there are no plans to shut the shop and if it were to happen they would announce it in a more formal way and that she would be having words with this particular member of staff.

So currently the shop is still open and if this person is in and serving I won’t purchase anything as since this incident I’ve witnessed him tell a customer about all the problems with the company because he wasn’t able to find the @ key while inputting an email address. I’m honestly surprised that he is still there.

What’s your worst experience in a book shop?

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