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Worst YA tropes

Love Triangles 😡

I’m starting off with my most hated which is love triangles. Love triangles bore me to death. I can’t believe authors are still going don this route. It’s so refreshing when I pick up a book that doesn’t have a love triangle in, and where a girl can be friends with a boy and not be in love with each other. The only love triangle I will ever be happy with is a slice of pizza.

Love at first sight

I can’t tell you how much I don’t like this. Does that actually happen or am I really just that cynical? I think people tend to confuse love with lust. Lust, at first sight, can be very real. Even I’ve looked at a celebrity and thought: “I would”. Love, at first sight, can be very hard to explain but that might be because I don’t fall in love easily like other people. I have to be able to gain someone’s trust and honesty before I will go all out and pour my heart out to them.

Parents not in the picture

Why does it seem that sometimes in order to make a character interesting they’re either

a) an Orphan

or B) still grieving over a parent that they have tragically lost

I’m not saying that this is their only interesting trait nor am I saying that it’s not sad when it clearly is. What I’m hopefully trying to say is that it’s such a common theme amongst characters now that I’m going “oh look is another character where their tragic backstory is they lost their parents in a crash or some magical being murdered them.” I personally don’t know of many children/young adults who have lost one or both of their parents and have used this as a defining feature of their personality. The ones I do know of have mourned, never forgotten them, but gone out into the world and have still lived their lives as they wanted. Probably even more so than those who still have parents as they’re aware of exactly how short life can be. This isn’t saying that they don’t miss them but it’s part of growing up for them.

A breath the didn’t know they were holding


Unless I was drowning I’ve never forgotten how to breathe. I honestly don’t get it and why it seems to be such a popular phrase.

Multi Coloured eyes

As a person with heterochromia, this bugs me. My right eye is deep brown almost black with a blue wedge and my left eye is a weird shade of blue/green with brown specks. In books, there are very few characters who have different coloured eyes that aren’t evil/the villain.

Then they’re the authors who give characters the weirdest shades of eyes, I’ve just finished a series where until the third book the character had blue eyes after that they had purple eyes. Why change such a simple thing and expect it not to be noticed?

It probably doesn’t bug people on the same scale it bugs me but consistency is key.

MC doesn’t know how beautiful they are

Why are a lot of main characters “plain looking” but everyone they meet become smitten because “You don’t know how beautiful you are.”

If people tell you certain things enough times why do people only ever focus on the negative?

So this is all I can think of at this moment in time, but I am sure there are plenty more. 

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